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Greetings everyone!

In the recent past months that we have been playing World of Warcraft we had a great deal of good times with the Legion expansion, and the beginning of the Battle for Azeroth.

However, sadly it seems that we're cursed with bringing misfortune to the MMORPG games we touch, as after BfA the game started going downhill. First issue was the amount of content and its replayability, as compared to the previous expansions (Legion, etc.). Sadly the content was not enough, and Blizzard came up with a promotion that for the purchase of a six months subscription with one bundle one receives a free flying ship mount.
Well played, because the next patch for BfA, 8.1 was revealed to only bring 2 raids and 2 smaller one-time events. Now the fun part starts here, that after releasing the patch 8.1 in early December 2018, they released the actual raids in January 2019, which is a cheap tactic to milk off the subscription fee one more time from the players before giving them the actual sliver of the content this patch provided.

In general we had a positive time during our Legion playthrough, and during the initial Battle for Azeroth moments. In less than two months our local guild grew there to 100 players, of which 40 were active daily. Sadly the majority of us slowly realised how WoW's content is going, and with the release of Diablo Immortal and reveals of patch 8.1, we have resolved to stop paying the subscription fee and do something else.

Now all of this aside, we were and we still are playing Warframe as one of our main games. It's an MMORPG, although I wouldn't consider it a true sandbox, as it does not have proper open-world elements yet.

But what's next?

Next we sail ahead back to the provinces of Tamriel, in The Elder Scrolls Online, which is in a very healthy state and the policies of ZeniMax are far healthier than that of many other game developing/publishing companies.

The decision of going back on TESO was made based on a research that we have conducted on two of our text communication channels (an international poll being held on Discord, meanwhile the Polish had also their speech noted through Facebook), aside from that we also collected thoughts and opinions via Steam, TeamSpeak and other solutions.
According to this research, The Elder Scrolls Online has won, holding twice the amount of votes over its other challenger, Black Desert Online. Sadly the remaster mentioned in BDO brought only a graphical improvement, and the game stayed quite similar to how it used to be, besides that the grinding as main game feature is neither interesting nor innovative and punishes our members (and other players) who have work or education. One of important points was also the fact that ZeniMax (TESO's company) is both the developer and the publisher of the game, meanwhile in its competitors case, Kakao (BDO's company) they're only a publisher, and the game's rights are truly held by an unrelated company called Pearl Abyss.

Now once we're past with how the voting went we can focus our attention back on the game itself.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been in a very healthy state for a longer period of time and its content and balancing has been only becoming better, with a good example shown at the nearest patch notes:

The Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone Update Patch Notes

At Combat & Gameplay section you can note how they are reworking their previous racial passives tremendously, by providing way more freedom to how racial benefits used to work, by making these passives support truly every playstyle.

Our information on The Elder Scrolls Online

Megaserver: PC, EU
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Native faction races: Nord, Dunmer (Dark Elf), Argonian (Lizardman)
Guild's name: The Demonic Guardians
Leader's name: Demonthas

For those who would get their game for the first time, I highly recommend the standalone version of this game, as it's much lighter on your drive (about 67 GB total, compared to Steam 85 GB) and there are more frequent promotions on the game's expansions.

Now on a closing note regarding running the game, it's important to know that you'll need to have a DirectX11-compatible graphics card to make the game run, as the support for DirectX9 and 10 has been discontinued from The Elder Scrolls Online.

Thank you all for reading through this bulk and enjoy the week,
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