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1. Taloc
3. Fetid Devourer
4. Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth
5. Vectis
6. Zul, Reborn
7. Mythrax the Unraveler
8. G'huun
1. Taloc

The first boss starts with 60% HP and should be tanked by one of the room's walls, because one of the later mechanics will require the debuffed players to be on the other side of the room.

In the first phase he'll use the skill "Sanguine Static" in which he will turn towards the raid and release a few orbs that each member needs to avoid, because they deal heavy damage.
During the fight he will cast the debuff "Plasma Discharge" on a few random players - the objective of debuffed players will be to run towards the other end of the room, because with every second the affected will leave a red pool on the ground. It's important that every player drops the pools in more or less the same spot.
The boss will sometimes cast "Cudgel of Gore" on the current tank, and after 4 seconds he will charge on the spot that the current tank is at. This skill will deal damage to everybody that stays within 30 yards from the boss. However, this skill additionally will cleanse any red pools in the area of strike, so the tank should quickly move to the spot with many red pools (after this the tank should of course return to one of the walls to continue tanking it there)

During the second phase Taloc will move to the centre of the room and we will move down with the elevator. At this point the whole raid should stack up and move as a single group. There will be red pool on the ground which will keep expanding with every while. Our goal is to move around the room to avoid the damage done by the pool.
In this phase there will also be additional mobs.
One of them called "Volatile Droplet" will continuously chase one random player so everybody should try to slow it down and defeat it relatively quickly, because if it reaches its target player then it will explode and deal damage to everybody and knock them back.
The second mob called "Coalescent Blood" must be tanked by the tanks. Because of the previous tactic to stick as a group, it should be possible to defeat the mobs relatively easily.
It is necessary to watch out for the edges of the elevator, because you can fall from it.

After 70 seconds we will finally reach the bottom of the elevator's path and then the third phase begins. It is highly recommended to cast Blood Lust and defeat the rest of the remaining mobs. At this point the "Volatile Droplet" mob will continuously spawn with a certain interval, so the DPS, and even better - Ranged DPS - should focus on slowing them down and finishing them off. In case that the "Volatile Droplets" will not be defeated, the second tank should rush into the mobs and take the damage on themself. During this phase there will be also the mechanics from the first phase, so if we have "Plasma Discharge" on ourselves, we must move towards the other end of the room and during "Cudgel of Gore" the tank should move near the red pools and the others should avoid this attack, lastly we also need to avoid the orbs released by "Sanguine Static".


Before the fight we should split into several smaller groups. In the case of 20 members, it's recommended to split into four 5-person groups. This part of the tactic will be used further during the fight.

The boss should be tanked near the transparent, blue wall. We will need to pass through this wall during a later stage of the fight.

MOTHER will cast "Sanitizing Strike" that will deal large damage to everybody in front of her. Because of this, the whole raid should stay behind the boss, and tank during the cast of this skill should move to the side to avoid the damage.
During "Purifying Flame" we will need to avoid the multiple fiery pools that will spawn on the ground.
When "Wind Tunnel" is cast, we will be continuously pushed in one direction. We will need to run against the wind in order to avoid being pushed into the flames which would deal heavy damage.

On the right of the screen you can see the HP of the "MOTHER" as well as an additional bar with HP and Energy called "Chamber 01".
When Chamber 01 will reach 25 energy one of the nearest groups (from the beginning of the boss tactic) should pass through the blue barrier to the next room. It's recommended that in the first group there is the second tank who does not tank the boss, one healer and a few high DPS. The rest of the raid should remain in the first room and continue to fight the boss.
The second group of people should pass the barrier when the Energy of Chamber 01 reaches around 50 energy. If we happen to be one of the people in the next room then our goal is to interrupt and defeat the mobs that will spawn, and also to watch out for the "Wind Tunnel" trying to push us into the flames.
Around 70 energy of the Chamber 01 the last group should pass into the next room. The last group should pass into the next room at around 85 energy. it is very important that the tank handling the boss must be located in the last group in order to move the boss along with the last people to the next room.

At this point there will be an additional bar with HP and Energy, so we should apply the earlier tactic while moving to the further next room.
Additionally in the rooms there will be an additional skill called "Uldir Defensive Beam" which sends lasers towards us that deal huge damage. The whole raid must position themselves so that they can fit in the gap between the lasers.
Like mentioned earlier, the same rules of movement to the next room also apply here. In the next room we will, like earlier, deal with the spawning mobs and avoid the skills that have happened in the earlier stages of the fight.

3. Fetid Devourer

On this boss the tanks will need to be careful about the "Thrashing Terror" and "Terrible Thrash" mechanics, because every fourth hit this boss does will deal a lot of damage. It's best to use some mitigation (eg. armour) skills when the stacks reach 3. If you ran out of mitigation to use, it's best to swap the aggro with the other tank until your damage mitigations have recharged.

Healers should keep an eye on "Malodorous Miasma". It deals slight damage over time (18 seconds), and after it expires it mutates into "Putrid Paroxysm". These debuffs cannot be dispelled, so just heal through the skill.
If this debuff happens to land on you, it's useful to cast a defensive skill to boost your survivability.

At 100 energy the boss will cast "Rotting Regurgitation" which deals heavy damage, knocks back and applies "Malodorous Miasma" to the targets in front of him, so it's best to side-step from its cone of effect (the closer you are to the boss, the smaller the cone and it's easier to avoid it).

There are six alcoves in the boss room. Periodically, they will become Waste Disposal Units, pouring waste which infects with "Malodorous Miasma" (which stacks) if you get hit by it. There is a warning before an alcove opens, so players standing under them should run out of the affected area.
After the Waste Disposal finishes, it will leave a "Corruption Corpuscle" mob behind. Those mobs cast "Enticing Essence" and must be defeated before they finish the cast. If the mob manages to finish its cast, then the boss will run next to it, consume the "Corruption Corpuscle" and heal.

At 50% HP the boss enrages with "Fetid Frenzy", increasing damage dealt by 25% and damage taken by 50%. Tanks will need to be even more careful with the "Terrible Thrash" skill every 4th hit of the boss. Mages should save their Time Orb for when this boss gets to this stage.

4. Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth

This is a 3-stage boss and needs the raid to focus well on the fight.

"Titan Spark" is a random damage coming from the Titan Discs that strikes a few people every now and then. You cannot dodge or avoid that, so Healers will need to heal through this.

"Might of the Void" is a combo of attacks from this boss. It launches a "Void Lash" which deals damage in front and reduces healing received by 25% for 8 sec. Then it follows up with a "Shatter" which deals heavy damage and increases Physical damage taken by 50% for 40 sec. Then a second cast of the "Void Lash" happens, stacking with the previous one which seals off healing done against the tank for 8 seconds.
Two tactics against this are recommended:
  1. Use long cooldown skills and swap tanks after the combo;
  2. Swap tanks in the middle of the combo, before the second "Void Lash" lands on the initial tank
"Void Lash" is a large frontal cone, so nobody except the tank should be in front of the boss.

At 100 energy the boss casts "Surging Darkness". It's a series of shadow rings that we need to get out of. It happens pretty quick and deals heavy damage if you get caught in it, so be on your guard until the skill is done. It's easier to dodge the rings if you're in the close-mid range zone.

At some point, the first phase begins. "Eye Beam" will target a random raid player and zap them with Shadow damage. If anybody stays within ~10 yards of the original target, the zap jumps to them with each jump dealing more damage. Targets of this skill should get away from the group, and everybody else should give them some space.
"Silithid Warrior" mobs spawn in this phase, and they ignore threat, that means they will chase random people and inflict bleeding debuff. Anybody with the mobs should bring them close to the tanks, so that the raid can bring them down quickly.

At 65% HP, the boss enters the second phase. He will stop casting "Eye Beam" and stop spawning "Silithid Warrior" mobs.
At this point he will start summoning a new mob called "Nerubian Voidweaver" which cast "Void Bolt" that can and should be interrupted. They can be stunned and CC'ed, so use what you can to stop them from their casts while you defeat them.
The boss will also start casting "Roiling Deceit", a damage over time that goes to random players, spawning an "Ominous Cloud" when it expires. If you receive the DOT, run away from the group in order to drop the cloud somewhere out of the way. While running away, be careful about the shadow rings that might happen from the "Surging Darkness" skill, as they will still keep happening every now and then. These "Ominous Clouds" stay where they were put, and if someone touches them, they will spawn a "Guardian of Yogg-Saron" mob which deal raid-wide damage when they get 100 energy or when they're defeated - they're avoidable, so it's best to not touch the clouds.

At 30% HP the boss moves into the phase three. "Nerubian Voidweavers" and "Roiling Deceits" will stop.
"Overload" will increase the frequency at which "Titan Spark" happens.
"Orb of Corruption" will fall from the sky and needs to be intercepted by a player before it touches the ground, or else the whole raid gets damaged. Intercepting the orb grants the player 100% HP, DMG and Healing boost. After this buff expires, the player who intercepted the orb will be mind-controlled by "Will of the Corruptor". The mind-controlled player will occasionally cast "Psionic Blast" which causes a 6s fear to random - it needs to be interrupted. This mind control can be broken with damage, so it's best to focus the damage and CC on the mind-controlled player who intercepted the Orb earlier.

5. Vectis

In this fight, everyone will get diseased, so the best to do here is to make sure that everyone is diseased evenly.

Tanks need to watch out for "Evolving Affliction" which is a stacking DOT that makes tank-swapping worth. Start swapping on two or three stacks.

"Omega Vector" is the unique mechanic to this encounter. It's a 10s disease that jumps to the next target when it expires and it cannot be removed out of the fight. Being at distance will not help, same for immunities and so on. When it expires, it leaves a permanent stack of "Lingering Infection" which increases Nature damage taken by 5%. Multiple "Omega Vectors" will happen from the beginning of the fight, so spreading it evenly is the key.
  • Stay away from "Omega Vector" hosts if you have many "Lingering Infection" stacks
  • "Omega Vector" debuff hosts should stay away from each other
The boss will occasionally cast "Contagion" which deals raid-wide damage. At first it deals lower damage, however as the "Lingering Infection" stacks add up, its damage will be considerable and may even need longer cooldowns to be used.

Sometimes "Gestate" will be cast on a player, which after some time damages and stuns them, and deals some AoE damage to targets within 5 yards of the affected. It's best to slightly move away from the affected player to avoid the damage. After it expires, a "Plague Amalgam" mob will appear that repeatedly casts "Immunosuppression" which absorbs healing done, so defeating the mob as soon as possible is very important.

After a while, the boss will turn into a puddle and begin the second phase (visible as it casts the "Liquefy" skill). In this stage the boss is immune to damage and touching it will apply "Lingering Infection" stacks, so all the efforts should be focused on avoiding the damage.
When the boss finally sets in one spot as a puddle, it will begin casting "Blood Geyser" which fires waves of blood at the players dealing damage and applying "Lingering Infection". It's important to dodge a lot in this stage.
"Plague Bomb" will also spawn in this phase, shown by a red marker on the ground beforehand, the skill deals damage to those in its 6 yard radius after 8sec. Those areas need to be soaked by a player, or else a "Plague Amalgam" mob will spawn. Just one player per "Plague Bomb" is enough.

After this passes, the boss will return to phase one.

6. Zul, Reborn

"Call of Blood" summons mobs.
  • "Nazmani Crushers" need to be tanked. All non-tanks should not be in the front of those. At 100 energy they will buff the boss and the mobs in 30 yards. They must be defeated before that happens.
  • "Nazmani Bloodhexers" cast "Bloodshard" which deals considerable damage to the lowest HP player, it should be interrupted/CC'ed. They will also spawn "Animated Ichor" which will try to get to the boss, and if it makes it, it will transfer its current HP to the boss.
  • "Bloodthirsty Crawg" should be tanked with the boss, they will occasionally heal for 200% damage they deal. At 100 energy they explode with a heavy raid damage. They must be defeated before that happens.
"Dark Revelation" is a debuff that applies on a player and explodes with damage after 10s, with the damage being reduced by distance. Anybody with the debuff should move as close to the edge as they can. When it explodes, "Minions of Zul" will spawn at the explosion's site.
"Minions of Zul" will chase players, and when they touch one they will AoE fear them with "Pit of Despair". They all have a magic buff that absorbs damage, and if its dispelled they die. It's good to dispel them with Mass Dispel, Purge or similar skills. They should be taken out ASAP before they start fearing people.

"Shadow Barrage" will deal damage to random players, Healers will need to heal through it.

At 40% HP, the boss goes into the second stage. He will unleash the energy built over the first stage by casting "Locus of Corruption", applying a stack of "Corrupted Blood" to all players per 5 energy consumed.
"Corrupted Blood" is a permanent debuff through the fight, and it deals damage every 2s.

The boss will cast "Rupturing Blood" which puts a DOT on anyone in a cone in front of him. It should only hit the current tank. After 20s this DOT expires, creating a very large pool of blood that applies "Corrupted Blood" to any players within the radius. The tank with "Rupturing Blood" runs at the edge of the area, while the other tank takes the aggro.

An important mechanic here is "Deathwish", which forces a player to walk towards the edge and jump off the platform. It can and should be dispelled before that happens. When the player jumps with this debuff or when its dispelled, every raid member will be damaged (reduced by distance), as well as spawning several "Minions of Zul". It's best to dispel that debuff when they're (safely) close to the edge to avoid spawning mobs in the middle of the raid.

7. Mythrax the Unraveler

The key mechanics to this encounter are the "Annihilation" and "Existence Fragments". "Annihilation" reduces target's maximum health by 1% and inflicts Shadow damage every 3s.
Most of the mechanics will apply "Annihilation" stacks if they hit you, reducing your maximum HP over the fight. When you get the "Annihilation" stacks you'll spawn "Existence Fragments" nearby. They look like bubbles, and they'll appear everywhere. Running through these will reduce your "Annihilation" stacks and consumes the fragment. These bubbles are not unique to the player who spawns them, so they can be re-used by other raid members.

Tanks will have to watch out for "Essence Shear", which deals considerable damage in front and prevents from generating "Existence Fragments" for 30s. Tank swap is recommended. Players not being the current tank should not be in front.

"Obliteration Blast" deals damage and applies "Annihilation" stacks to players caught in it.

"Imminent Ruin" is a debuff that applies to two players and deals damage over time. When it expires, it explodes and applies "Annihilation" stacks to players within 12 yards. The damage from this explosion is reduced with distance. The player who has "Imminent Ruin" should run away from the raid.

"Oblivion Sphere" spawns magic orbs near players, mind-controlling players around and applying "Annihilation" stacks every 2s to the charmed players. To break off the charm, the players need to be thrown out of the spheres, either by knocking them back or dealing damage to them (which will knock them back). During this everybody should be spread by about 5 yards so that fewer people are in range of the orbs.
When people are knocked out of the spheres, "Crashing Oblivion" happens and inflicts Shadow damage to all players.

At 75% HP, the boss initiates the second phase.
The boss becomes shrouded in "Oblivion Veil", making him immune to damage.

"Xalzaix's Awakening" will be channeled by the boss, which deals damage, spreads "Annihilation" stacks and spawns "Oblivion Spheres" around the room. Make sure to help the ones that are affected by it.

"Obliteration Beam" deals a lot of damage and applies many "Annihilation" stacks. It is a deadly skill and has a longer charge-up before cast, so make sure that you're not in front of this skill.

"Visions of Madness" mobs will spawn and cast "Mind Flay" which deals some damage and slows down its targets. The mobs should be defeated as quickly as possible.

"N'raqi Destroyer" mobs will also spawn which use the "Critical Mass", reducing incoming damage by 80% and increasing damage inflicted by 80% while within 40 yards of another N'raqi Destroyer. Tanks should make sure to take them to the opposite sides of the room. They also cast an interruptable "Void Volley". They also have "Essence Shear" similar to the one that the boss uses, so do not stand in front of them.

The boss will continuously change between the first and the second phase every now and then.

8. FINAL BOSS - G'huun

The first phase is a mob phase. During this point of the encounter the boss is pretty much immune to damage.

"Cyclopean Terrors" are eyestalks that cast an interruptable "Torment" which applies a DOT on a random player. Focus them first.

"Dark Young" needs to be tanked. They cast "Massive Smash" dealing heavy damage and knocks them back. Best to use mitigation against that. At 100 energy they cast "Dark Bargain" which increases damage taken, healing done and damage done of everyone within 10 yards of it for 30s. Any player who has 2 stacks of this buff becomes mind-controlled until they're brought to 50% HP.

"Explosive Corruption" is a debuff affecting up to 3 players that explodes after 6s dealing Plague damage to every player within 5 yards, creating "Blighted Ground". In addition when it explodes it creates 5 orbs around you. Anyone who touches the orb get an "Explosive Corruption" themselves so it might be difficult to deal with. If you get the debuff, run as far as you can to the edge of the room and focus on dodging the orbs.

Meanwhile in this stage two teams of players will also need to deliver Reorigination Orbs on the upper platforms to the Reorigination Drive. Once you pick up an orb, you cannot pick up another one for 5 minutes. While you're holding the orb, you're getting progressively slower until you're rooted. The whole pathway is covered in "Amorphous Cyst" that damages and slows down movement speed of the players within the area. There is also the damage over time caused by "Unclean Contagion" while remaining in the upper platforms. Damaging the Cyst reduces their area, and you can also throw and pass the orbs around which does not trigger the orb pick up cooldown, however missing the catch will destroy the orb.
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