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• Your class is independant from your weapon choice.
• Another point, TESO is very forgiving when it comes to builds, you can reset everything very easily. Moreover, the leveling is not a slow hassle. So if you wish to create another class, you'll not suffer too much for it.

Armors of dragon scales or fire, fire breath, a DK can shield the nearby players and has healing abilities.

Summoning daedras & rains of fire, the sorcerer masters the arcanes.

Sneaky invisible assassins poisonning, life draining & stabbing. DPS is their forte but they can also heal themselves and the team.

Powerful healers and damage dealers. A templar will sanctify the ground and wield sunny spears to kill their foes. They are the equivalent of priests and paladins.

Warden is about summoning battling pets, DPS & tanking. Locked by the Morrowind DLC.
No guildmate played it & no alt created yet, so information needs to be added.

[No image & no description]

Thank you for reading !
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