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In The Elder Scrolls leveling works very differently from the one that can be encountered in a traditional MMORPG.

To start with, we differentiate level and Champion Points. This game is unique in the way that after the major update known as One Tamriel that has happened at past everything in the game is scaled. What's the point to level then?
  • First of all you will continue to earn skill points, which you can spend on active and passive skills from many of the paths in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Another thing to know and remember is that our character does not only progress with character level, but also by obtaining further path levels which in turn gives us more skill variety and opens up more unique ways of gameplay.
  • At 160 CP you'll be noticeably stronger than at previously scaled levels, if proper equipment is worn.
  • Last, but not least, at 300 CP, and assuming that we have spent 100 points into red, green and blue constellations each (which once again can be achieved only at 300 CP), our character receives a boost of 20% Health, Magicka and Stamina, thus holding a considerable advantage over anybody under 300 CP (even over characters with 160 CP).
An example scenario where different levels operate with a comparison would be with the healers.
We have a level 15, a level 50 (160 CP) and a level 50 (300 CP) healer.
  • The level 15 will make for the average healing of a tank. The tanks level or CP here will not matter much, as the healing will be just as effective to keep them up. The healer however due to their lower amount of skills will find that they have a limited option of perhaps two or three healing skills.
  • The 160 CP as an experienced adventurer will have pretty much every skill that can heal for the area they chose to specialise in. The numbers will be slightly higher than the aforementioned level 15, however the higher level will be able to even siphon the life force of their enemies while healing the allies, or even create protective barriers around that directly prevent the damage from even happening.
  • The 300 CP might use the same tool set as the other higher leveled character, however due to the fact that their Health, Magicka and Stamina have a bonus of 20% they will simply outperform the other ones with raw numbers by some noticeable margin, assuming the people are equally skilled, with similar equipment and so on.
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