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Important Community-wide Announcement for the TDG Clan!

We are going to switch over from the current TeamSpeak3 server which we have been using as our voice software solution for many years in favour of Discord, which has only seen a text chat usage before.

This critical change for our communication platforms has been thoroughly detailed and discussed with our clan management and officers in order to bring out all the pluses and minuses of this plan.

To put it simply, everything has been taken into account and TeamSpeak is not profitable to keep running for the amount of development care it's getting from the TeamSpeak company, as well as for the amount of users logging on it on a daily basis.

In further details, TeamSpeak 5 was supposed to come around Q3-Q4 of 2018, and a deadline has been set for December 2018 by their developers. This deadline has been since missed, and another closed beta deadline has been set for March of 2019, this year, for 300 people to be able to access it, however no such access keys and client have been given out, and the developers of TeamSpeak did not respond to the general community about this fiasco.

From our perspective, it is simply not worth to upkeep the TeamSpeak with such a low maintenance from the creators, and from the fact that we (namely, myself) have to pay money for a product without proper support and communication from the developers.

The validity of the TeamSpeak service is until 17-04-2019 11:12, after which we do not plan to extend it any further.
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