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Weapons, uses, and armor

Shortsword and Shield:
Heavy Armor
Individual harassment

Longsword and Shield:
Heavy Armor
Crowd control

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor
Breaking unit positions

Short Bow (Female only):
Light Armor
Medium distance harassment

Long Bow (Male only):
Light Armor
Long distance harassment

Spear (Male only):
Medium Armor
Engaging 1v1s
Unit clearing

Poleaxe (Male only):
Heavy Armor
Engaging 1v1s
Unit clearing
Crowd control

Medium Armor
Short range harassment
Crowd control

Dual Blade (Female only):
Light Armor
It’s an assassin

Basic rundown of how stats work.

Strength - scales Slashing and Blunt damage and Piercing penetration.
Agility - scales Piercing damage and Slashing and blunt penetration.
Armor - gives a base of +3 armor per point.
Toughness - gives 100 health points per point.

Basic Guide for stat placement per weapon.

Before you read on, please keep in mind that you stop getting Attribute points and Leadership points after level 60. So try to allocate them appropriately.

Primary stat:
Strength - Glaive, Nodachi, Dual Blades, Shortsword and Shield, Poleaxe
Agility - Spear, Musket, Shortbow, Longbow
Armor - None
Toughness - Longsword and Shield

Secondary stats aren’t needed but in some cases help.

Secondary stat:
Strength - Spear (some skills scale better with strength)
Agility - None
Armor - Glaive, Nodachi, Longsword and shield, Shortsword and Shield, Poleaxe
Toughness - Poleaxe, Shortsword and shield

Character Management
  • You CAN learn multiple weapons using skill points (gold) but only gain Mastery Points (grey) for weapons used in combat.
  • Attribute points can be rerolled using an in-game item called “Personal History”.
  • Camps can be moved from the capital city to any fief that your house owns using a “Migration Token” bought at the Apothecary. Talk to the Billeting Officer in the city you want to move to.
  • Salvage Weapons & Armor for crafting materials at the Smith in any fief.
  • Weapons and Armor have endurance points and need to be repaired so often, each repair making the weapon and armor a little less durable
  • Be wary of where your units are placed and the path they are running.
  • Attacking enemies from behind and the side increases damage dealt and chance to stagger.
  • Double Tap C to have your units sprint a little faster to you.
  • Hold V to use “attack-move”. Your units will move to the point unless an enemy is in attacking range.
  • If you press the “G” key during a Siege battle, you’re notice the “trebuchet” on the menu
    • Trebs are good for breaking unit formations but cause friendly fire situations
    • Red Line - Something is blocked the path of a Trebuchet shot
    • Green Line - Clear shot for the Trebuchet
  • Don’t be afraid to Treb yourself to take control of an area.
Unit Management
  • Unit XP earned per battle is split evenly among ANY units deployed. If your goal is to power level a single unit, make sure it's the only one you're bringing to battle (in training AI preferably)
  • To Disband Units - Under Attributes, button to the right of Strength
  • In order to have your units move up a ladder or push a piece of equipment,(Siege tower/battery ram), you must press the “Left Ctrl” key, aim at the object you want them to interact with, then left click it.
  • After you die, units will begin to retreat 3 seconds before you respawn. If you want them to stay and fight, press the V key and they’ll turn and fight instead of retreating
Open World
  • Abandoned/Derelict Carts/Houses/Huts can drop skill pages. Grab them along your way. You do not need any units in your warband to collect these.
  • These nodes are also client-side so don't worry about other players snatching them up. Change lines for a chance at a fresh batch in a given area.
  • A band of five lvl 7 Serfs make the most efficient open-world gatherers labor-wise (Lvl 7 is needed for both veterancy resources boosts). Try and keep one leveling until you have five. They give a total of 56 labor.
  • Once outside of a blue zone, you are subject to attack/PVP
  • If food is depleted, your army takes a debuff during any battles and you cannot gather from resource nodes.
  • Food can be replenished at food resource nodes, certain feifs, and Wayside Inns.
  • To save on bronze only replenish food if you know you’re going to do battle in the open world.
Territory Wars (TW)

About: Territory wars is a battle between houses and alliances over key strategic points on the map. Houses with enough Prestige will be able to declare war on fiefs around the map. Prestige is earned by completing fief quests. These can be accessed from both inside and out a fief, through the “fief overview”.

Benefits: Owning a fief allows you to control who can and can’t use the resource points inside the fief’s zone. You’re also able to collect from these resource points for cheaper than before as well as set taxes for other that collect in your zone. Taxes paid are kept in the fief and sent out to the members of the house that own it every Monday in the form of In-Game mail.

Times: Territory Wars begin at 21:30 Central Standard Time (GMT -6) on North American servers and at 20:00 Central European Standard Time (UTC +2) on European servers every Saturday and Tuesday.

Unit / Warband Composition

Before you leave a fief for TW, ALWAYS make sure you have at least 1 spear unit, 1 ranged unit, 1 sword and shield unit, and 1 pike unit with you. The 5th unit slot is up to you unless said otherwise. Also make sure to check with your TL about if siege weapons are need, what kinds, who is bringing them.

Setting up units during Sieges and Territory Wars

Since TW’s have a limit of 15 v 15, there’s a way we try to make things happen efficiently. Below is an example.

2 Spear units
1 Pikemen unit
2 mixed range units
2 Cavalry units
2 Sword and shield units

The remaining slots are filled with units at the team leaders discretion.

When fighting in large coordinated large groups, the way you should set up for an approach is the following and why:
  1. Shielded Spear units lined up behind one another to block incoming archer and musket fire as well as perform “bounding” maneuvers.
    • Bounding - Made up of two shield walls, one shield wall is set for the base then one pushes past the other and sets up. Repeat the process until at the desired location. If possible utilize a melee charge or cavalry to soften up the troops while bounding.
  2. Pikemen behind the spears in case of a cavalry charge as pikes counter cavalry heavily.
  3. Swords and Shields behind the pikes so that they are in a position to push forward or defend from a flank.
  4. Ranged units behind the formation a decent distance. This is to ensure in the event of a focused attack, they have range as an advantage.
Keep in mind that no plan is ever 100% accurate, sometimes you might have to think and/or act on the fly. But make sure to be listening for group leader’s orders as they have the final say so in adjustments to the plan.

Rebels and Rebel Camps

Abouts Rebels: Rebels are open world NPCs that wander around the map. If you run into a group of rebels, they’ll usually demand you pay they an amount of bronze. You can either pay up, or you fight them and not pay them. Below is what to expect from Rebels at different difficulties.

Easy: Easy rebels have 2 groups of units that must be cleared out.

Moderate: Moderate rebels have 2 groups of units that must be cleared out. After clearing them out, there is a chance another 2 groups of units and a hero will spawn in and must be cleared out.

Hard: Hard rebels have 2 groups of units that must be cleared out. After clearing them out, there is a chance another (x) groups of units and 1 - 2 heroes will spawn in and must be cleared out.

About Rebel camps: Rebel camps are camps filled with… rebels, what else? They’re all on the same map no matter the difficulty. It’s essentially a siege battle, you take point A -> B -> C -> Base, and then you win and get rewards or lose and pay for your losses. The camps spawn throughout the open world and after defeat burn down after an hour. You need 3 players over level 30 to challenge a rebel camp and only 5 players can be in the battle.

Easy: Expect Chivalric Era and Silver Era units and level 30 NPCs

Moderate: Expect Silver Era units and level 40-50 NPCs

Hard: Expect Imperial Era units and level 60-70 NPCs
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