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The officers are members designated to hold various administrative and leadership functions within our community, and as such they are representatives of the clan as a whole across every place we stumble upon. They are chosen selectively to ensure that only the most responsible and professional people in the clan are entrusted with full-time Clan duties. In order of descending responsibility and seniority.
  • Prince
    He is responsible for the overall well-being of the clan and leading it from a strategic position. He is responsible for public relations, overall administration and management, enforcing the codex, and owning the right of the final say in all major matters within the community.
  • Sheriff
    They ensure the well-being of the community as well as the management of day-to-day operations and procedures within the whole clan. They are responsible for helping the leader to lead from a strategic perspective, as such they report directly to the leader on matters within our community and serve as justiciars when conflict arises.


The members form up the backbone of our community, and they may or may not have responsibilities. In order of descending seniority.
  • Vanguard
    They're the core members in the Clan and follow up with us on every major action we take. They know about, understand and follow the main principles of our codex and might be seen introducing the newer members to our community.
  • Companion
    Admitted membership, where the journey begins for everyone. They have expressed their desire to be a member of Clan TDG and understood our basics.
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Qualities of a staff member

In order to be part of the the Clan Staff, one needs to display the necessary qualities first.
  • Participation - consequent acting in the community of TDG. A minimum of three months must have passed since the date of joining in order to be considered for a staff promotion.
  • Initiative - being prepared to define the needs of the community and its members, and so that these needs will be heard by the leadership. If you spot an issue, suggest a way to adjust or solve it and bring it to our attention.
  • Usefulness - going out of your own way in order to help the other members of TDG with problems, which they can have related to how they feel, our website and so on. Welcoming the newcomers to our community so that they can feel like they've belonged here for a longer time already.
  • Approach - rather self-explanatory. Representing The Demonic Guardians in an honest and a respectable manner.

Skills of a staff member

The skill, good judgement, and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who understands to do something well. Continously present what we value about our community: organisation, teamwork, maturity. Be prepared for many potential scenarios, and understand what exactly your role is in order to make sure that you are doing it well. Whenever something goes wrong (which can happen, as nobody can be truly perfect), make sure that you are able to take the responsibility for it, and then ask for help. Any kind of situation is certainly going to resolved in a much less messy way if you approach your superior and explain it. Attempting to hide the error and push the blame onto someone else for your mistakes will only cause tension, increase the original issue and make people lose respect for you.

You are not PREPARED!
The ability to assess and initiate things independently. It is the skill to use your initiative, imagination, and common sense when applying to various situations. Understanding your role and the clan staff fully will allow you to be able to act on your own initiative within the boundaries of our organisation.

Knowledge is power, but using it wisely is the key.
As a staff member, it's very important to be informed of what's going on, however it's also crucial to be able to contribute to it. As an officer you have the access to officer tools for a reason - it is your right and responsibility to offer your perspective for the good of Clan TDG. There is no such thing as a 'stupid idea', many great ideas have been possible thanks to constructive brainstorming.
We value new ideas and solutions a lot. Because of that, you should keep in track with our communication channels (Steam, TeamSpeak, etc.) so that you are notified of everything that might come up.
A Staff Member is supposed to have a general knowledge overview on the Clan TDG as a whole, knowing the Codex, procedures and other important aspects of our community.

Officers have the heavy duty of of creating an organised and enjoyable environment for every clan member to settle in. While a clan member does not have many expectations except the basic ones (understanding the clan rules, etc.), a clan officer has a much more demanding position. Being able to find at least a couple of hours every day or two to commit to the good of the clan is necessary in order to step up into our staff ranks. The officers are the backbone of this community, who clear a path for everything to run smoothly and without any interruptions, while ensuring that the clan is a fun place to be in.
Being a member of the clan staff requires a lot of dedication, one which many people might simply not have. Before attempting to advance into the staff, make sure you do have what it takes.

After obtaining a Clan Officer status, it is needed to remain active, thus it is highly recommended to consider any upcoming life situations before applying to be one. Being able to spend at least 10 hours weekly on the Clan TDG is one of the requirements to be a Clan Officer. You won't be stalked by anybody, but try your best to keep it real as an Officer :) .

Additionally, Clan Officers need to meet up with their monthly dose of activity input in the community. Some ranks even have to actively participate in the recruitment. Sadly the Clan Leader can't do it all on his own!
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An officer needs to be properly skilled (whether by our training or by own experience) in order to perform their responsibilities to the fullest.

  • Recruiting
  • Codex knowledge
  • Officer tools
  • Hosting events
Leadership (Clan Officers only)
  • Team leading
  • Mentoring
  • Command Presence
  • Personal Impact
  • Other relevant skills when applicable
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