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By Operativ
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Greetings valorous Officers of the TDG Clan,

This topic will serve for the singular purpose of requesting staff positions with responsibility for individual Clan members, or withdrawing the position from them.

No member other than the authorised Officers may use this request form for the aforementioned function. Remember to check for any warnings regarding the potential staff member that will be stored in their Clan profile.

Archdevils and Bloody Barons can request staff rank changes up to Infernal Champion.

All the other promotions and demotions have to be processed directly by the Dark Lord.

Please use the following template for any of such requests:

Rank change
Clan nickname:
Requested rank for the member:
After copying the appropriate template, paste it and fill the form as a response to this topic.
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By Operativ
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Clan nickname: Ryucatou
Requested rank for the member: Infernal Champion
Description: Appointed as a mentor to take care of some clan members.


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