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Clan TDG members are expected to maintain a friendly atmosphere within the community. Below is the ruleset which applies in our community. Consequences will be taken against members who reach too many warnings.

1. Do Not Cheat
Cheating is completely inexcusable. Violating a game's Terms and Conditions, EULA, rules, policies, and otherwise is completely inexcusable. Any violations of those, including but not limited to hacking, stealing, cheating, etc. is grounds for an immediate ban. Those banned for cheating by anti-cheat services will be treated as violators of this rule.

2. Respect Your Clanmates
Respect is something every person deserves, especially if they are a member of this clan. As such, you are to respect all fellow clanmates at all times. If you have a dispute with another member, go to an Officer to help resolve the issue. Everyone is here to enjoy playing games and have fun. You are free to leave at any time if you don't wish to do either of those, in which case you should re-evaluate why you are using Internet to begin with. The following actions will not be tolerated in the Clan TDG:
  • 2a. Inappropriate Content
    Creating content that is racist, discriminates, of self harm/suicidal origins, or that is overly religious or sexual in its base, or encourages any other illegal activity is forbidden on any Clan TDG platform.
  • 2b. Minor Abuse
    Flaming, heavy trolling against other TDG members. Some other examples include: cyber bullying, discrimination, and so on.
  • 2c. Major Abuse
    Excessive flaming, harassment against other TDG members. Includes all kind of very personal attacks (religion, ethnicity, gender, family, etc.).
  • 2d. Inciting Unrest
    Causing arguments, flame wars and creating mistrust amongst members is not tolerated, it also includes trash talking the clan itself, its leadership, and any of its active members.
3. Loyalty
The Demonic Guardians admires and encourages loyalty in our members, however we understand that we are just one of many places available to enhance the experience on the web. However if at any time a member attempts to steal members for their own clan or an alternate clan they are in from within The Demonic Guardians they will be subject to immediate dismissal.
  • 3a. Dedication
    A TDG member is expected to behave in a honourable and honest manner. Do not lie to the others in order to take shortcuts or avoid responsibility.

    Warnings that are deemed unfair or an abuse of power may be reported to the Clan Staff by the affected member.
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Being an Officer in The Demonic Guardians means upholding the community principles in a wise manner and being an example to the Clan members.

An Officer is expected to hold true to the Codex and they must not allow that through their inaction a breach of the rules happens.

Aside from that, an Officer needs to ensure that our structure is known and respected by everyone.

An Officer must not be acting inappropriately and unprofessionally, such as: flirting, forcing yourself on the others in an unethical manner, etc.
If you are caught doing so, then you will receive a warning while also becoming subject to immediate demotion and a restriction of becoming the officer again for an extended period of time.

This is to maintain the sense of justice in the Clan, and ensure that no favouritism or self-interest arises in any of our Officers.
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Discord is our main voice communication platform, thus it is important to keep it tidy for our daily activity, events, meetings to maintain the order in our Clan.

Regarding users
  • Make sure that your username is related to your Clan nickname to make you easily recognisable for the others.
  • If you have been muted or banned, trying to bypass it by relogging with another identity will net you an official warning.
  • Harmfully pretending to be someone else is a basis for a warning.
  • Officers are permitted to assign roles to individual members in order to allow them proper access to the server.
Regarding order
  • Disturbing the Clan server by having a continuous voice activation with annoying noises makes the noisemaker eligible to be kicked, or muted from the channel.
  • Using soundboards in a disruptive manner is forbidden.
  • Nobody may disturb special channels by unauthorised access or by interrupting the particular channel activities that have been set by the administration (for example by making a game-themed room completely off-topic)

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