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♦ All the following can be resetted from gold (in game currency).
♦ TESO is forgiving when it comes to build mistake or choices in skills. If you're not satisfied with a skill, you can reset everything & use the skill point elsewhere.
♦ Skill points aren't only use for class abilities & weapon abilities.

♦ From level 0 to 50 : Given by experience (monsters, opening locks, exploration, questing, etc.) + Skyshards
♦ From level 50+: Given from Skyshards (429 skyshards in the world) & 3 skyshards = 1 skill point.

Shyshard icon on the map thanks to a mod :

♦ Distribute between Magicka, Stamina & Health (Reminds of skyrim attribute system).
♦ Total of 64
♦ Stop at level 50

♦ Unlocked AFTER level 50+
♦ Distributed among constellations which unlock passives (reminds of Skyrim skill system).
♦ You can only invest 810 in constellations but you can gain more than 810 CP.
(Zenimax will rework the passives soon). So once you reached 810 CP, you're "max level" at this date (02/2019).

If there is anything to add, pliz post it.
Thank you for reading !
The Wrathstone update 4.3.5 made changes to the Champion Points where a player has had at least 100 spent into the respective colour area of attribute influence.

Champion System
  • Updated the calculation with your Maximum Health, Magicka, and Stamina interacting with modifiers to better reflect the 20% increase to these stats from your first 100 points spent into each tree of the Champion Point system. Previously, this 20% only applied to your base stats, attributes, enchantments, and 2 through 4 piece bonuses on item sets. After this change, all sources of flat stat increases will be affected. Consumable food and drinks, 5 piece bonuses from item sets, and passives will now be properly affected by the 20% increase.
  • Note this will cause Champion Points to be an additive bonus with other modifiers, rather than a multiplicative one, which may cause varying results depending on how many other % modifiers your character has.
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