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Greetings, Clanmates! In this topic you will find a list of our most notable members with an objective description of them, in an alphabetical order.
  • Ajer [founding member, 2009]
    (Clan Officer)
    The ever-busy, ghostly officer of the Clan, and the second "shaman" of the Clan. His efforts were very vast in the early years of the Clan, and thanks to them our community could grow to the state we have today.
  • Arxix [joined 2012]
    (Clan Member)
    The dark horse of TDG. He will kick you like one as a welcoming treat, however his spirit and his strength in beliefs will make you win the race in the end. Thanks to his constructive traditionalism and his artistic skills the Clan has moved onto the heights we have nowadays.
  • DarkWarchief [joined 2012]
    (Clan Member)
    The first non-Polish Clan member. A thinker who certainly thinks in a much different way than the others do. Many controversies have went on with his presence, however he belongs in our Clan as much as any other veteran does. His countless attempts to think of everything with a 'cruel', cold logic gives him a good sense of objectiveness and a strong sense of rationality.
  • Demon [founder, 2009]
    (Clan Leader)
    The founding leader of the Clan. Thanks to his efforts and his stubbornness, combined with the great deal of support from every dedicated Clanmate, the Clan has been running ever since 2009.
  • Ec [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The first female member in the Clan, Ec has managed to remain calm and neutral in every situation, even in the most awkward ones. Her demeanor has earned her a very stable place in our community.
  • Field [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The staff member whose revolutionary ideas have brought our community a lot of positive development. One of the first "shamans" in our Clan, Field has proven to be a wise aide-de-camp that watches over the good of the whole Clan.
  • Fox [joined 2017]
    (Clan Member)
    A recent-joiner, however a very cheerful one who is as busy as he is friendly. He has brought a lot of music to us in the very same year he has joined.
  • Gahaku [joined 2015]
    (Clan Member)
    The official gay-sama of the Clan, Gahaku is as friendly as he is sharp with his wit, all while keeping distance to all kinds of jokes.
  • Kael [joined 2009]
    (Clan Officer)
    The legend, the Hackerman. His technological feedback has been a great input to the Clan's well-being, and although his support has earned him many misunderstandings, he has always been a fair server manager who takes no sides in disputes.
  • Kubalong [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The eternal 11-year old of the Clan, Kubalong grew with us and became a solid, independant man. Although he is not one to be entrusted with watching over shady warehouses, he is a responsible member who has motivated many of us to press on.
  • Liberta [joined 2015]
    (Clan Member)
    One of our ninja members, joined with Rinooken and Ryucatou in the very same event of a local merge into the Clan TDG. He is a faithful one with lots of great ideas behind his quiet visage. Not to be underestimated in a debate, as his wisdom is just as large as the difficulty to spot him in the crowd.
  • Maly [founding member, 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The first shaman of the Clan, he has earned himself a place of an officer in charge of discipline. His recruiting campaigns have netted us many of the current members, who all have shown to be amazing people with lots of interests.
  • MalyLolek [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The anime fanatic of the Clan who collects a lot of games and plays less than half of them. He has been around for just as long as many of our oldest members, and even though he has had his Poger tendencies of the AFK, he has contributed a lot to the member development by contributing in the creation a positive atmosphere.
  • Moka [joined 2011]
    (Clan Member)
    The most controversial member of the Clan, who has remained positive in the very end. She is a good roleplayer, and even though her art is questionable, she is a cheerful one who enjoys some quiet gaming.
  • Morogan [founding member, 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The noisiest member in the Clan, one of the original few founding members and the third "shaman" in the Clan. His ideas are just as controversial and strange as wise they are when taken into a deeper consideration. He has always believed in a common greater good of the community and often took the mantle of a community manager. His amount of motivation and energy are almost legendary.
  • NorthSpirit [joined 2012]
    (Clan Member)
    One would call him a Goblin tactician, for his love of roleplay and Goblins knows no bounds. A very busy one, who's also the second non-Polish Clan member in TDG.
  • Pallek [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    A peaceful inhabitant of the Clan TDG, he has been around for as long as the Clan, and even though not many may remember him, the legendary Halls of Fame clearly will. His scouting missions in our team PlanetSide 2 plays have been a great help to our operations there.
  • Poger [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The Grand AFKer of the Clan, none shall question his AFK nor boldly AFK in his presence. His domain are the turrets and towers, and his spells freeze both his enemies and his teammates in time.
  • Rinooken [joined 2015]
    (Clan Member)
    The initiator of the movement of a local guild merge into the Clan TDG in 2015, Rino has been a loyal staff member, always watching over the backs of fellow Clanmates, to ensure that they grow well and healthy. His patience and methods have earned him a title of an uncle of the community, to whom people can express their concerns with a guaranteed understanding. A great listener too!
  • Ryucatou [joined 2015]
    (Clan Member)
    Ever since his joining resulting from a local guild merge into the Clan TDG on one of the games we have played, Ryu has proven to be of stainless steel heart many times, always dependable and with pure emotions. He deserves a place in our Hall of Fame thanks to his will and motivation alone.
  • Salmon [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The artistic soul of our Clan, Salmon is often a target of harmless jokes related to homosexuality, and he knows it best to have his own distance towards it. A veteran whose art has made its place in the heart of the Clan, and he has inspired our community to strive to further goals. His cheerfulness knows no bounds.
  • Sautinus [joined 2013]
    (Clan Member)
    A long-forgotten ninja of the Clan, who has kept himself veiled only until very recently. His contributions to the improvement of the fairness of our Clan structure have been a great help to us in order to make the Clan a friendlier place to everybody.
  • Tangslash [joined 2016]
    (Clan Member)
    Even though he might be considered a recent-joiner by many, his knowledge of the Clan is more than adequate and he remembers many of our stories of yore.
  • Tazzio [joined 2009]
    (Clan Member)
    The Clan jester, whose pranks and jokes became a joke on their own. Probably the happiest member in the Clan, his cynical behaviour has brought him just as many friends as it did with not-so-friends, although even in this state Tiger has been always seen as a helpful guy who always sticks around.
  • Wergantha [joined 2015]
    (Clan Member)
    A truly neutral veteran whose loyalty and dedication are almost unparelled. He has followed us into many projects so much that he can be considered a truly fearless Clan explorer.
  • Xander [joined 2018]
    (Clan Member)
    For each Winter we have, he provides us with the snowy noise in the TeamSpeak, so that it is never too quiet in the corners of our castle.
  • Yugure [joined 2017]
    (Clan Officer)
    A relatively younger "Clan generation" member who has shown to be a very capable manager of operations, she has overseen many of our Clan's recent projects and remained level-headed in many important discussions regarding the future of the Clan.
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