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Hello everyone, and welcome to this article in which we will talk about the role of a healing officer in the guild.

To start with, a healing officer works with the other officers in an instance on how the flow of the dungeon should go. Correctly predicting incoming abilities and damage while countering it with the proper cooldowns at the right time is generally one of the major roles. Sometimes, the raid leader will handle that. However, most of the time it's usually going to be postponed.
You’re the one in charge of deciding what specialisation to bring and how many. Sometimes a class would be above others, although in the end it's going to be up to you to decide what would work the best with the available resources.
Providing feedback is a constant. Players dying generally means someone didn’t do their part correctly. It could be the fault of the assigned healers or it could be the fault of the player who wasn’t quick enough to react. Healing leaders have to be swift enough to identify problems during a limited time window.
Really knowledgeable leads will try to work with and coach healers individually to try to get them to improve.
Lastly, your performance matters. You have to set the example for everyone else.

  • Your healing numbers must be competitive
  • Your gamesense must be near flawless
  • Your mistakes must be practically non-existent

At the end of the day, you’re going to be under the responsibility of raid's survival and there’s going to be little room for errors.

One of the roles of the healing lead is to act as a shield between raiders and the healers. In many environments, healers are often singled out and targeted for underperforming. Sometimes this is true, sometimes the circumstances are beyond the control of the said healer. Whatever the truth may be, it’s ultimately up to the healing officer to get to the bottom of the problem and really determine if it is a healing problem or if it’s a general skills problem with the rest of the raid. The job is to help provide solutions and directions. Sometimes it’s as simple as a strategy or position adjustment. Other times it means the unfun job of temporarily putting a healer out of the raid in order to progress a certain stage of the instance.

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