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Revision 1 - 04/08/2018:
- various titles renamed (Count -> Guildmaster // Officer -> Warden // Councilor/Veteran -> Elder)
- merge of "Silencer" and "Councilor" into one unified "Elder" old TDG rank which may hold moderator functions individual to each member
- updated the requirements for each status
Revision 2:
- reordered the ranking system, completely removing the "old TDG" and "new TDG" distinction and merging them together to bring equality and fairness
- old TDG members assigned as senior clan members, from the previous old TDG-only "Elder" rank
Revision 3:
- changed the overall setup of the ranks into: Commander (Clan Leader) // Captain (Clan Vice) // Lieutenant (Clan Officer) // Warden (Clan Mentor) // Veteran (Clan Senior Member) // Guardsman (Clan Member) // Watchman (Clan New Member)
- implemented functions, which currently split Captain into two functions: Executive Officer and Administrator, for ease of access to clan members in specific matters
Revision 4 - February 2019:
- applied a demonic theme to the rank names in our search for the perfectly fitting flavour
- updated the member ranks to accommodate for both activity and seniority (Infernal Champion for handpicked members going out of their own way to support the Clan; Cursed Knight for the most active members with enough seniority and recognition; Dark Guardian for the casually active members; Initiate for less active members and newcomers); officer ranks remain largely unchanged being named the Archdevil and the Bloody Baron
- in accordance with the earlier change to the member ranks, the active veteran members are no longer categorised into two different ranks, and Cursed Knight became the definitive, unified place for a "veteran rank" (reasonable activity in the Clan is still required to maintain the status, as with every other rank except Initiate)

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