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We are a multi-platform gaming and social community founded in February of 2009, making us a rather old clan. Our core principles are respectfulness and tolerance, striving to be as open-minded as possible without conflicting with who we are.
Originally clan The Demonic Guardians was a national guild, however later it evolved into the current international community that we have became thanks to the effort of every one of our past and present clanmates.

Clan Communication

The Demonic Guardians is both a social and a gaming clan, where everyone can truly feel like a part of our international community.
An important thing about Clan TDG is the fact that we aim to be available globally, thus it is highly recommended to stay up to date with our contact channels.

Steam: The Demonic Guardians
TeamSpeak: TDG
Discord: Self-invitation

And last but not least - our Clan Site, which is located here.
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