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Most, if not all, of the older members of our Clan know their way around, and recognise where to search for answers and how to get proper support in dire times. However the same cannot be said about the Initiates to our community, as they are usually grasping only the basics of the Clan fundaments.

For this important reason, the Initiate Manager keeps his watch to be always at the disposal for every member who seeks to improve their understanding of how the Clan functions.
The role is a delicate one, for it requires patience, as well as a good understanding of how to introduce somebody who is new to our community so that they can be in a harmony with the rest of us.

The Initiate Manager is responsible for taking care of all the matters regarding the newcomers and associates within our community, being their shield behind which they can find a shelter against the difficulties of the unknown that an Initiate might encounter.

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